WJMC Day 3: A “Greyt” Day

Today was a much better day than yesterday… well, kind of.

Last night, I slept well and went to breakfast with my roommate and two of her friends. Although I didn’t talk to her friends, it was nice to be with new people from around the country.

Right after breakfast, my color group and I went over to DC to go to the National Geographic headquarters. When I first found out that we were all going to the Nat Geo headquarters, I was super excited because working there is my dream job. I love nature, photography, traveling, and writing and sitting through that session made me more excited to pursue this dream.

After we went to the headquarters, I ate lunch at an Italian restaurant with my color group. The entire time, I talked to a new group of people that I haven’t talked to before. It was interesting seeing their personalities and I definitely saw my friendships begin to build with them.

Later, we went The Press Club and saw various speakers. The first main speaker, Brian Lamb, was a lot better than I thought. I was scared he would go up to random people and make them answer questions on the spot, but instead he went around to those who wanted to engage and asked us questions rather than us interviewing him. The people who went on afterward kind of bored me and I wanted it to end, but just being in the Press Club and seeing these figures from well-known companies was extremely interesting.

On the bus ride back to GMU, I was passing out because I was so tired and it was only about 6:30 pm.I ate dinner with my little friend group from the 21 Shades of Grey and I valued my friendship between them. They’re all nice people and I hope we stay in touch.

After dinner, we had about 30 minutes until we had to meet with our color group again so I walked around the campus with my one friend, Zoe, catching Pokemon together. We all got together again as a color group and went to see Michael Shear from The New York Times. His overall session was extremely funny and enjoyable, but during the questions I had the most fun.

Earlier today, my color group made a separate group chat without the FA and JFA. The entire time, our group members kept adding the word “grey” into other words (greyt is great, aggreyvate is aggravate, etc.) Once it got to Shear’s questions, the group chat got a lot more interesting. The topics went from 80’s hits to Bill Clinton to Kayne West in seconds. Some people sent GIFs to the group chat and our whole section was trying to keep our cool while we were secretly dying on the inside from laughter. I then started extremely valuing my color group. Sadly, I keep reminding myself how heartbroken I’ll be once we all leave each other on Friday. But, I know that now we’re all going to have fun and we need to make as many memories as we can together. Also, our group is probably the best out of all the color groups and everything will be memorable.

I await to see what things will happen tomorrow.


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