WJMC Day 4: Speakers after speakers

Today was a very long day… Hopefully I can make this brief before I fall asleep on my computer.


Ever since 10 am, I’ve been going to speaker sessions and meeting with my color group. It first started off on a sad note. Carol Guzy first presented photojournalism in a depressing way by showing the audience the harsh realities of natural disasters and poorer areas around the world. By the time a slideshow of all the photos Guzy took was presented, people all over the audience were crying–especially when pictures of hurt or dead dogs were shown.

I saw other speakers today like Amy Takayama-Perez, Jennie Keohane, and Charles Bramesco, however the best speaker was definitely Kevin McCarthy. In McCartney’s presentation, he made everyone constantly laugh and told interesting stories that left everyone wanting to hear more. His interactions with famous celebrities and experiences with them had the entire crowd in awe.

Throughout the day, I met with my color group and we did a journalism simulation. I was an editor for the International section of a newspaper with a person named Alex and we had to pitch a headline, lead, and visual for the story and try to get our story on the front page. The whole simulation was a lot of work and I already knew how to do everything from what I learned in my journalism class back in New Jersey, so I didn’t take it too seriously. Although I showed a lot of effort, I saw it as a joke. I’m so used to working on these kinds of things back home, so naturally my group did exceptionally well.

Tomorrow, my color group and I will be heading back to DC and I’ll be traveling to the Holocaust museum with my friend group.

I await to see what things will happen tomorrow.


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